George R. Foster

George R. Foster

Group Managing Director

“Structure, planning, ownership and execution - the key to moving forward” - George R. Foster


George came to Intelligent (UK Holdings) Limited as Group Managing Director in November 2016. With him, comes a vast array of strategic experience, especially in the corporate world having worked with a FTSE 100 company for almost 10 years. George is an elected member of both the Security Institute and the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS).

He also brings his experiences as a Close Protection Security Manager and wealth of knowledge in Fire, Health and Safety Management, Risk Management and Contingency Planning. Never one to shy away from progression, George has also cut his teeth into the executive world, both as an established company director and board member.

Since his arrival, George has written many articles for the security sectors most reputable national and international magazines, as well as mainstream publications. Futhermore, he has acted as a consultant for television channels, such as National Geographic, ITV and the BBC. Early in 2017, George was a guest speaker and panel member at an international congress in Madrid, Spain, speaking on the subject of Major Incident Management Planning.

Quality and accuracy is very much the fuel to George’s fire and consequently, he has very much worked his way up quickly throughout his career. With his innate drive, ambition and passion for what he does, combined with his level of commitment, loyalty, integrity, not to mention his unmistakable eye for detail, he ensures his demands for a world-class service delivery for our clients are met every time.

George comes to the businesses with the responsibility of guiding us to further international expansion, with a particular interest in the Group’s Close Protection Services arm, Intelligent Protection International Limited and also our training business, Intelligent Training International Limited.

George is the lead at our Paris office, which opened in May 2017, and as such, is the holder of a UK and French Close Protection Licence. In addition to this, he also possesses the "Management Authority" for Close Protection Services in France.

SIA: 1082882289823640 (British Close Protection Licence)
CNAPS: CAR-099-2022-01-07-20170587924 (French Carte Professionnelle Protection Rapprochée)
CNAPS Management Authority: AGD-099-2022-05-17-20170587924

Other interests

George is very much a family man and enjoys nothing more than spending time with his young family. On the rare occassion George gets some time for himself, being Scottish, enjoys rugby, golf and most other sports in extra measures but is very much at home enjoying a glass of single malt whisky!

When able, George likes to do as much as he can for charity. Whilst he has no direct affiliation to any single charity, he sets himself a fundraising goal every year and has raised significant amounts of money for cancer, childrens, and mental health charities.

George R Foster


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