Intelligent (UK Holdings) Limited

Providing over two decades of intelligence, risk management and protection for our global clients

  • International Intelligence Limited
  • Intelligent Protection International Limited
  • Intelligent Risk Analisis
  • Intelligent Training International Limited
  • Intelligent Armour Limited
  • Dewnan Advisory Group Limited
Intellignt (UK Holdings) Limited

“Intelligent (UK Holdings) Limited is the parent company of some very special offspring!”

Intelligent (UK Holdings) Limited was founded in 2008 to manage the group of companies that evolved from International Intelligence Limited and its worldwide operations. The role of Intelligent (UK Holdings) Limited is to manage the Intelligent Group of companies providing management and support across the group structure.

The Group currently includes six companies whose activities span the intelligence, risk management, security and defence sectors. All companies are registered in England and Wales or France and the UAE.

  • International Intelligence Limited
  • Intelligent Protection International Limited (UK & France)
  • Intelligent Armour Limited
  • Intelligent Training International Limited
  • Intelligent Risk Analysis (UK & UAE)
  • Dewnan Advisory Group Limited

The Group is self-sufficient; all of our services overlap and support each other, and all operate internationally. Clients range from Governments, the United Nations, non-Government Organisations, to large corporations, family offices and individuals.

Across the group of companies, we have a professional approach and a self-analytical view of our own operations; insight, not hindsight.

Intelligent (UK Holdings) Limited is an Anglo-French company wholly owned by Mr Alex Bomberg and Miss Virginie Roux.

Incorporated in England and Wales on 23rd May 2008, registration number 06599029. Dun & Bradstreet, DUNS® Number: 211244365.

Intelligence and Security

Combating Activists

1st Oct 2021

Activism is on the rise and has been fuelled by the growth and impact of social media and 24-hour news. Our blog article discussed the best approach organisations can take to mitigate the risks.

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