Intelligent holdings group of companies
Intelligent holdings group of companies

Intelligent (UK Holdings) Limited

“Intelligent (UK Holdings) Limited is the parent company of some very special offspring!”

Intelligent (UK Holdings) Limited was founded in 2008 to manage the group of companies that evolved from International Intelligence Limited and its worldwide operations. The role of Intelligent (UK Holdings) Limited is to manage the Intelligent Group of companies providing the management and support across the group structure.

At present the Group of companies includes five operational companies:

  1. International Intelligence Limited
  2. Intelligent Protection International Limited
  3. Intelligent Armour Limited
  4. Intelligent Training International Limited
  5. Intelligent Concept Marketing Limited

Further to these companies, we also own and manage the following international brands:

  1. Social Hand Grenade
  2. Student Travel

The Group is self-sufficient, all of the activities overlap and support eachother, all operate internationally. Clients range from Governments, the UN, non-Government Organisations through to large corporations, Family offices and individuals.

Across the group of companies, we have a professional approach and a self analytical view of our own operations, insight, not hindsight.

Intelligent (UK Holdings) Limited is owned by Mr Alex Bomberg and Miss Virginie Roux. Intelligent (UK Holdings) Limited was Incorporated on 23rd May 2008, registration number 06599029. We are also registered with Dun & Bradstreet, DUNS® Number: 211244365.

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